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Value Add Property Management 

In the first of it's kind, we really are providing value add to your property management. 

We believe estate agents are great and that is why we work alongside them to find tenants, but we think that property management should be left to the professionals that really understand how a property is built and maintained in the correct way. This comes with many years of study and experience, obtaining RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) membership. 

We are partnered with a number of vetted estate agents across London & Kent and our relationship/buying power enables us to provide our landlords with discounted let only costs and no renewal fees.

Usually such fees would only be obtained if you had a large portfolio (buying power) but this is where we come in, being a landlord member of London & Kent Surveyors provides you with that.

The benefit of this is that you have a professionally qualified surveyor managing your property and we also offer a FREE condition survey (average cost would normally be circa £500 - £700) per year to ensure the maintenance of your property by someone who really knows buildings (RICS Surveyor). 

It is really important that you have consistency with your property management but we also know that sometimes you may need to change agency to let a property due to the market or poor agent performance. This way, we have you covered as we will ensure your property is let via our vetted agent partners, whilst we remain in charge of management. 

We really do care about buildings and your investment, we are not a selling/letting agent - we are not simply looking to bill our next fee to reach a target. 

- Professionally Qualified Individuals managing your property (RICS)

- Discounted let only fees (due to our buying power)

- No renewal fees - tenants are residing longer on average meaning we save you thousands

- Free condition survey per property, per year - average fee would otherwise be £500 - £700.

- Fixed managment fees

- No commission or kick backs taken from third party services (tradesmen/women)



Up to £1000 PCM                          £75 excl VAT                     

£1,001 - £1,499 PCM                     £95 excl VAT

£1,500 - £1,999 PCM                     £125 excl VAT

£2,000 - £2,499 PCM                     £150 excl VAT

£2,500 - £2,999 PCM                     £175 excl VAT

£3,000 - £3,499 PCM                     £200 excl VAT

£3,500 - £3,999 PCM                     £225 excl VAT

£4,000 + Please Contact Us

Speak to us today to find out what let only fees we have secured in your area..

Value Add Property Management 

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